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Our company was launched in North Florida (Jacksonville) but the real influence for the brand comes from the roots of the sport, which are the Hawaiian Islands.

With the traditional paddleboards being so popular in the region we started to investigate what the future of the sport is going to look like. We quickly realized that the portability/storage factor was creating a massive void in the potential market. 80% of the population owns vehicles that are simply not conducive to transporting an 11-foot fiberglass board across town.

After seeing the current trends at the national surf expo’s we simply incorporated an existing inflatable SUP technology and then we tweaked it to make it our own unique brand. We added some cool designs using vibrant colors and trendy artwork to create Tribal Boards, the highest quality board with all the possible features for the best price on the market.

We believe that our customers are the heartbeat of the business and we strive to deliver the highest quality product for the very best price for each of them. Our mission is to always get better, always reach higher and to always keep our feet in the customers shoes to insure their continued satisfaction.

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Our secret is the state of the art process that we adopted and the incredible detail used to construct these awesome boards.

We use an amazing blend of industrial materials to create our line of Tribal Paddleboards. Our secret is the state of the art process that we adopted and the incredible detail used to construct these awesome boards. Other uses for this type of technology have been in building floating docks, high-pressure rescue lifting bags and military grade combat rafts.

This material lets us build inflatables with flat surfaces that can be inflated to rock-hard rigidity. With our Tribal Boards, you get hard-shell performance along with the easy transportation and storage of an inflatable. Tens of thousands of fine threads are inside our boards actually connecting the top of the board to the belly of the board.

The process starts by joining two pieces of polyester woven support fabric with thousands of fine polyester thread lengths. This base material is made in strips from five to ten feet in width, and up to 500 needle heads may be used in the setup. Each needle sews a continuous, evenly spaced thread, back and forth between the two pieces of woven fabric, locking them together into an incredibly strong unit.

Next, the air-tight coating is applied to the outer surfaces of both sides of the material. The sidewall material is made of polyester base fabric that is coated on both sides. Polyester thread is used throughout because it is strong, durable and has very little stretch. Our “Dimple Tech” surface gives you tens of thousands of mini dimples to provide you optimum grip and performance

2017 Tribal Boards Lineup

Welcome to the evolution of paddle boarding where technology and ingenuity have come together to offer a real solution to future paddle boarders everywhere.
A traditional 12ft stand-up paddleboard can be challenging to carry, transport, store, or travel with. Our state of the art inflatable SUP Tribal Boards have the luxury to deflate and inflate on demand. These boards can then be rolled up into a small bag that can be taken anywhere.

These SUP boards are not typical inflatable water rafts. Our boards offer commercial “drop stitch” technology that creates the most stable inflatables on the market. These amazing boards are military grade, highly pressurized, and distinctly crafted paddleboards that are incredibly rigid and can conquer the most challenging surf.

You can store one on your boat, pack one for your next vacation, or just leave one in the trunk of your car. Inflatable SUP boards are changing the paddleboard industry forever. Now everyone can enjoy the love of paddle boarding!

Everything You Need !

All of our boards include Bungee Attachments and Handles in the front, back and center of the board for the ultimate in carrying convenience as well as an easy to load Backpack with a 3-piece Paddle, Quality Pump, Ankle Leash, Repair Kit and 3 Removable Fins.
A $235 Value FREE !

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