Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs)

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The Mermaid

Our NEWEST SUP board has just arrived and is the HOTTEST design yet!
Perfect for the ladies or any rider looking for a stable, rigid, performance-ready board that any rider of any skill level can jump on and really enjoy the ride.

The Sunray

Our HOTTEST design is perfectly suited for a rider of any skill level.
Four D-ring clips on each of the sides of the foot pad that enable you to Add-on a removable seat for just $39.95.

The Sea Turtle

Rated 5.00 out of 5
One of the most stable, rigid, performance-ready boards that any rider of any skill level can jump on and really enjoy the ride. Weighs only 28 pounds !

The Paradise

Made just for the ladies, this beautiful pink flowered board is dedicated to women everywhere that made paddle boarding what it is today.

The Orca

This board is big and beautiful! The Orca board is perfect for larger riders, tandem paddling, and also has a lot of room up front for supplies or for your dog to chill.

The Hammerhead

This is a cool and versatile board for all ages to utilize. The Hammerhead is a more narrow designed inflatable SUP board that is fast thru the water.

Battery Air Pump

Battery Powered Air Pump
We have tested 10 units and found the Bravo BP12 to be the most reliable of them all !

Add-on Removable Seat

Lightweight but sturdy this removable seat can be used for resting, fishing or even to turn your SUP into a Kayak!

Rechargeable Battery Pack

Portable Air Pump Battery
Don’t feel like attaching our BP12 Battery pump to you car ?
NO PROBLEM with this portable rechargeable battery pack !!

100% Carbon Fiber Paddle – Gloss Ribbed Finish

100% Carbon Fiber Ultra Lightweight Gloss Ribbed Paddle

100% Carbon Fiber Paddle – Smooth Finish

100% Carbon Fiber Ultra Lightweight Smooth Finish Paddle